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Need help on finding a pic of Amanda Bynes (must read details)! Easy Ten Points!?

It has to be of her when she starred on All That during the third season also I prefer it to be of her doing the skit “ask ashley” because that is how she became most popular. Oh and I need a couple of baby pics of her. I looked everywhere i could and couldn’t find it……..HELP!!!!!!!!


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Who is Amanda Bynes? (what color are her eyes and her hair i need. Other info would be great!?

Please add detail!
Her NATURAL hair color

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!!!! I”m a guy in High school and i have to go to a Halloween party looking like Amanda Bynes I need Help!!?

I made a deal at the beginning of this year that I would not cut my hair till after the Huge Halloween Party. I’m a guy in high school and i hated doing this but i’ll get 1000 dollars so i said yes.

They want me to look almost identical to this:

it’s been weird going to school with my hair looking like a chick’s but i need the money. I just went to this hair person they made me go to and so i look almost exactly like this picture of her:

I need help to do the rest though so please help.
Heres what i look like so far:

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