Does Drake like only brown-skinned women?

I’ve been googling/yahooing/binging and doing research and noticed that Drake has either dated, had a crush on, or had some type of encounter with women who are usually either black or biracial women who are brown-skinned.

Here are a few and all of them are brown skinned:

Keshia Chante’ (his ex girlfriend)
Dia Edwards (ex girlfriend)
Bria Myles
Rihanna (someone he never dated but obviously liked..he says it all in his song “Fireworks”)
Nick Minaj (we all no he’s crushing on her..he even says in an interview that he’s “tempted”)
Alisha Phillips (ex girlfriend)
Teyanna Taylor (she’s probably just an encounter)

I know people are going to say Amanda Bynes, but she stated she’s never even met Drake before.

Is Drake attracted to vanilla ice cream? Or does he just prefer the chocolate?…LOL

P.S. I have nothing against black people!!!!!